11 Photos That Will NEVER Sell Your Car

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the world of online car sales, it’s worth more. Swapalease.com, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, has identified the ten most common types of photos that prevent people from selling their car online.

“Especially when car shopping, price and car design have always been the two biggest hot buttons that will dictate the success of a car sale,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of Swapalease.com. “Photos that showcase the car’s design and features are even more important in a peer-to-peer sales environment such as the Swapalease.com marketplace.”

Here is a synopsis of the ten different types of photos that can damage a person’s ability to successfully find a suitor for their car.

Photo Filter list

Poor Photo Filters: It might be cool to use photo filters during your trip to Europe, but it’s not helping to move your car. Everything from black and white filters to retro backgrounds can show your car inappropriately and leave potential buyers with the wrong impression.


Stretched Photo listStretched Photos: Your two-door sedan is not a stretch limo. Therefore, don’t give potential buyers the impression that it is. Check the specs of the online marketplace and upload your photos correctly. Size may matter but in this case longer is not better.


Inappropriate VEH locationInappropriate Vehicle Location: Be mindful of your car’s surroundings when taking photos. Cluttered environments can leave an impression of a cluttered car, and the background can detract from where your suitor’s attention needs to be – on the vehicle.


Improper Photo OrientationImproper Photo Orientation: Don’t try to produce the next James Bond film. Cars can’t drive straight into the air, nor can they drill down into the ground. Make sure the photo orientation shows the car in its natural position.


Night PicsNighttime Photos: Every car looks better at night, right? Wrong. Poor natural lighting can hide many features you want to showcase for the exterior and interior of the car.




Porsche 2 photos from listing

Poor Photo Cropping: Get the entire car in the photo. Otherwise, many buyers might begin to wonder if you’re hiding scratches, blemishes or other damage to a certain part of the car. In the world of online dating, you’d probably want to see the entire picture of someone before making contact, right?





Shot in sunlightSun Glare Photos: This person has the opposite problem of the night photos. Too much glare from the sun distracting from other features of the car.


Verticle Shots



Inappropriate Vertical Shots: It’s important to know the difference between landscape and portrait. By now, everyone with a camera phone realizes they need to turn their phone sideways to take a picture, especially in a setting where you’ll use the photo to market a vehicle. Photos with the sides cut off are a little on the creepy side.


No Interior PhotosNo Interior Shots: The outside of the car is what grabs your attention. But what’s on the inside is what makes a person fall in love when it comes to a car. If you can’t show the inside of your car, I can’t put a ring on it.


Modeling Shots listModeling Shots: I’m sure you’re just trying to humanize your car, but it’s kind of creeping me out. I don’t care what you look like, I want to see the car.


Modeling the FeaturesModeling The Features: You don’t need to be sitting in the car to demonstrate the fact that it’s a convertible. The car can sell that just fine on its own. Anything that takes away the focus on the car itself is a big no.