Those Little Lit-Up Symbols On Your Dashboard? They’re Big Red Flags

symbols on your dashboardWhen you start your car, it is perfectly normal for symbols or messages to light up momentarily on your dashboard. But if those same symbols or messages come on while the car is running, you may have a problem.  Continue reading

5 Things Every Driver Needs To Know How To Do

every driver needs to know how to change a tireEven if your driving has been event-free for years, you’ll have an issue eventually. You’ll get a flat tire, your battery will die, or you’ll get stuck in the snow. If you’re a member of an auto club, you can always call for help. But face it, there are some things you should just know how to do. Continue reading

Sharing The Road With 18-Wheelers

sharing the road with 18-wheelersThere are an estimated 2 million semi trucks on the road today, and together they carry almost a third of all freight in the United States. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the gas you put in your car and even your car itself were likely carried at some point on the back of an 18-wheeler. Continue reading

Looking For A Reliable Car-Repair Shop? Follow These 7 Signposts

car repair shopNo matter how reliable your car may be, the odds are high that it will end up in a car-repair shop at some point. When you’re deciding which repair shop to go to, it is a good idea to do some research and make sure you choose a shop that can be trusted to do the job right. Continue reading

SHOULD CARMAKERS INSTEAD USE A BIG GREEN BOW THIS DECEMBER? Data Show Eco-Friendly Car Demand Outpacing Luxury in December

CINCINNATI, OHIO (December 10, 2012) – Tis the season for “December To Remember” and the Big Red Bow holiday advertising. However, based on recent December car-shopping patterns, should we be placing big, green eco-friendly bows on the top of those vehicles?

According to vehicle search patterns and lease transfer data from national car-leasing firm,, the previous two Decembers have shown an uptick in eco-friendly vehicle preference compared with luxury model demand. In 2011, processed an additional 5.5% luxury vehicle transfers in December compared with November. In a similar analysis for non-luxury and eco-friendly vehicle transfers, that percentage jumped 26.4% between the two months.

“The data is significant because leasing generally skews higher for luxury models, and December has traditionally been a good month for luxury vehicle shopping activity,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of “Looking at the larger picture, we aren’t terribly surprised because of all the emphasis that’s been placed on smaller cars with better fuel economy and additional features.”

Vehicles such as the Ford Focus and Escape, as well as the Chevrolet Cruze and Toyota Prius are among today’s non-luxury vehicles that boast strong fuel economy. What’s more, these cars are equipped with technology and features that rival luxury models and fuel economy has improved noticeably for both smaller and mid-size sedans.

Luxury vehicle brands such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz each boost the volume of their marketing during December to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. All three brands enjoy among the top transfer volume on throughout the year, which makes the focus on this particular trend even more noteworthy.

Planning A Holiday Road Trip? Proceed With Caution

planning a holiday road trip, proceed with cautionAcross much of the country, the potential for snow, ice and severe cold makes winter driving a challenge. So if you’re planning a holiday road trip, keep some tips in mind. Proceed with caution, and you’ll arrive safely at your destination. Continue reading