Why Leasing a Car Makes More Sense Than Buying

leasing a carIn today’s car market, more people than ever are leasing a car rather than buying one. Leasing has become popular because, for many people, leasing a car simply makes more sense. In fact, there are many reasons why leasing is often the best route to take. Continue reading

Car Repair vs. Car Replacement: How to Tell You’ve Hit the Law of Diminishing Returns

car replacementTo repair or to replace? That is the question. No car can last forever, so at some point car replacement becomes a necessity. However, the expense and hassle of sudden necessary car repairs leave many drivers wishing they had traded in their old vehicles sooner.  Continue reading

Leasing a Car: What Can You Afford?

leasing a carThe first step in leasing a car isn’t choosing a make and model, making a list of features you want or even deciding what type of vehicle you’re looking for. Instead, the first thing you need to do when leasing a car is to determine how much you can afford to spend. Continue reading

Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Technology: Are You Current?

hybrids and plug-in hybridsIn the quest to build more fuel-efficient vehicles, several auto manufacturers have started offering both hybrids and plug-in hybrids. When choosing between the different types of vehicles available, it’s helpful to understand the differences between hybrids and plug-in hybrids and the potential advantages of the technologies.  Continue reading

Considering a Convertible? The Upside and the Downside

considering a convertibleFew driving experiences are more enjoyable than taking a sporty convertible out on the road on a beautiful, sunny day. If you’re considering a convertible, though, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s the right car for you. Continue reading

Handling an Auto Emergency: How to Stay Cool and Composed When Your Car Breaks Down

handling an auto emergencyIf you drive any car long enough, at some point it’s bound to break down on the road. It may be as simple as running out of gas or getting a flat tire, or perhaps the oil pressure or temperature light will indicate you need to pull over. Whatever the cause of the problem, handling an auto emergency on the road is something every driver should know how to do. Continue reading

Avoiding Driving Distractions: A Common Sense Guide

avoiding driving distractionsDriving while distracted can be almost as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. However, few people see it that way, and some who would strongly condemn drinking and driving think nothing of eating while driving or using smartphones behind the wheel. Continue reading