Your Auto Insurance: Are Costly Holes in Your Coverage Leaving You Wide Open?

auto insuranceAuto insurance is intended to cover the unexpected (and often sizable) expenses that can result from a car accident or theft. However, there are many different types of auto insurance, and few policies cover every potential expense. Continue reading

Lease Assumption: An Ideal Solution When You Can No Longer Handle Your Payments

lease assumptionChange is the one constant in life. If you’re leasing a car, those changes can sometimes mean you’re stuck with a vehicle that you can no longer afford, no longer need or simply don’t want.  Continue reading

Common Auto Repairs That Aren’t That Hard to Avoid

common auto repairsMany common auto repairs are, to a large extent, preventable. And since even common auto repairs can cost you hundreds of dollars at the repair shop, an ounce of prevention can certainly be preferable to a pound of cure.  Continue reading