All About Your Car’s Air Conditioner

car's air conditionerYour car’s air conditioner becomes an important part of your vehicle as the weather warms up. It could even be considered essential if you’re driving in places like humid Florida or triple-digit Texas. To keep your car’s air conditioner running properly, it’s helpful to know how it actually works. Continue reading

Auto Airbag Engineers: They’ve Got You Covered

auto airbagOver the past few decades, auto airbags have gone from an experimental option available only on a handful of vehicles to a standard safety feature nearly as prevalent as seat belts. Auto airbag engineers are far from finished, though, as the number of new innovations in airbag technology is greater now than ever. Continue reading

Taking a Summer Road Trip With the Kids? Plan Ahead, and You’re Well on Your Way

summer road trips with kidsEven if you’re an experienced solo road warrior, going on a summer road trip with kids can present some challenges. It takes a bit more work to keep little ones safe and happy while staying strapped into a seat for long periods. Continue reading

Pressure, Rotation and Alignment: The 3 Keys to Tire Longevity

tire pressure, rotation and alignmentA new set of tires can be a significant investment. High-quality tires for a speedy sports car or rugged SUV can easily run over $500 per set and are sometimes more than $500 per tire. So if you can extend the life of your tires and not have to buy a new set, you can save some serious cash. Continue reading