Remote Starters are Back, But This Time It’s an App.

Technology in the automobile industry has been thriving, from GPS to in car Wi-Fi.  Lately, many new cars come with the option of a remote starter app.  Remote starter keys have been around for a long time, and has evolved into an app that can be downloaded on to smartphones and even some smartwatches.  There are many perks to having yet another command at the touch of your smart phone.

One advantage over having an app rather than a remote starter is that it is said to be able to reach the car from a further difference.  There are a number of convenient features that are found between the different apps that make it so you don’t even need your car key… or half of your dashboard for that matter!  Many of them can perform the standard locking, unlocking and car starting, but some of them do so much more.

Some of the features help with locating your car, such as honking your horn and flashing your lights, and even a vehicle finder.  Of course, many electric cars need special attention too, and there are apps for that!  The Nissan Leaf app shows the battery life and estimated driving range.  One can even schedule charging times.

Having these features are not just for easy remote access, but are very relevant for safety notifications as well.  Having the ability to find your car, especially at night or in a parking garage is dangerous, and many of these new features can assist someone find their car.  Second, if you are able to see your mileage or tire pressure before entering your car, it can be beneficial, especially if there is bad weather or you are in a dangerous area.

Being knowledgeable about your car before getting in it is one of the many improvements we have seen in automotive technology.  This keeps drivers alert, and keeps them from being distracted.  And of course, who doesn’t love adding one more app to the collection?

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Auto Sales, Will They Continue Through the Rest of the Year?

Car sales have really taken off in the first quarter of 2015 and auto experts say this year will surpass 2014’s car sales. However, is this increase starting to taper off? According to Fortune, the auto industry won’t be able to sustain this increase in auto sales for long.

There were 16.5 million vehicles sold in 2014 and automotive organizations are optimistic that they will surpass last year’s sales. Ford, for example, is forecasting 17.2 million sales in 2015. As consumers are feeling the wear and tear of their ten-year-old car, drivers want to try out the latest technology in newer models.

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What Lower Gas Prices Mean for Hybrids and EVs

Hybrids and EVs had experienced a nice boost in sales because of how high gas prices had risen. As gas prices started to steadily decrease last year, consumers resorted to old shopping habits and sales of trucks and crossovers started to pick up again. Though gas prices have slightly increased, consumers are still looking for bigger vehicles to accommodate their need for space.

A recent Chicago Tribune article mentioned how, even after President Obama’s urging and incentives for sales of hybrids and EVs, consumers are attracted to roomier options like crossover SUVs. Lower gas prices play a big role in swaying consumers’ buying options, as most of those purchasing cars are older Millennials.

Though President Obama cautions that gas prices won’t stay low forever, Americans have taken their steady low prices as a sign to get into bigger cars. Americans’ need for roomier, more comfortable cars coupled with the lower gas prices has made hybrids and EVs less attractive. What’s more, as the economy also recuperates and consumers are more confident in their buying power, bigger cars are more attractive.

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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer in facilitating lease transfers online. For more information about or how to exit your lease early, call 866-SWAPNOW or visit