Cars and Solar Power

Solar powered cars are already making their way into business plans of many automakers.

A couple benefits from solar-powered vehicles are that they aren’t as loud as a general engine would be because it runs on the sun’s light. They also do not emit greenhouse gases, which can help decrease pollution.

So how does a solar-powered car work exactly?

Energy From The Sun

We see many solar panels sitting out in the sun, and wonder how they are using the sun’s light to create energy.

Photovoltaic cells are used by solar cars to convert sunlight into energy.

  • These solar panels harness energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. As these solar panels are connected to cars, whether placed on top or built into the roof, the power collected can be directed straight to the electric motor of a car, fueling the battery.
  • Within these solar panels, silicon semiconductors absorb the sunlight, freeing and flowing electrons to generate electricity.

Now imagine you have a day or two off of work and you plan on staying home. If you have a solar powered car, you can leave it outside to charge up in the sun during the day. It will be ready to go when you are off to run errands or planning to have a date night.

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Car Hacks To Consider Using

Do you find yourself wondering how you can tidy up and improve your daily ride?  Here are a few creative low budget ideas to create awesome car hacks that can help you out!

  • Plastic Cereal Container: Buy a plastic cereal container and put in a plastic bag for a quick and easy trash bin.
  • Cupcake Holders: Avoid coins sticking to the bottom from drink residue with cupcake paper holders to safeguard your cup holders.
  • Multi-File Folder: Put your registration and other important documents in an organization folder for quick access when you reach for your glove box.
  • Fabric Softener Sheets:  Place scented fabric softener sheets in your car to eliminate unwanted odors.
  • DIY First-Aid Kit: By a plastic container and fill with dollar store medical items.
  • Plastic Bag Dispenser: Take an empty tissue box and fill it with plastic bags for emergencies of any kind.
  • Bungee Cord: Have a long bungee cord handy in your trunk. Made a trip to the grocer? Attach one hook of the bungee to one side of your net holder and run the cord through the handles of your bag. The other end hooks to the other side and bam! No more tossed bags.
  • Noodle Safety: Having trouble with opening your door in your garage without hitting the wall? Cut pool noodles in half and stick/nail them to the walls where your doors usually hit.
  • Ping-Pong Parking: Need assistance parking as you enter your garage? Avoid hitting any items in front of you or the front wall by hanging a ping-pong ball on a string right in front of your windshield. Place it where you have enough room in front of your car.
  • Mirror Parking: Another garage hack! Place a couple mirrors, big or small, to act as a guide for pulling in and out of your garage.

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Taking Over Someone Else’s Car Lease

You are thinking of getting a car in your possession to get to work, school, or any other reason that requires a car. You may not be ready to finance or lease a car straight away, but you still need a car. What can you do? There is the option to take over a lease.

What Does It Mean To Take Over A Lease?

Taking over a lease can be considered as a “lease trade”, “lease swap”, or a “lease assumption”. Taking over a car lease leaves you the responsibility of taking care of the car and the remaining payments left on the lease.

Pros of A Lease Takeover

  • Drive an expensive car for less: Since you will most likely take over a lease that only has 2 years left on a lease, you can have the luxury of driving an expensive car for way less than half the price.

— Example: If you assume a lease of a $30,000 car that has only two years of payments left on it, let’s say, $110 a month, that leaves you with only $2,640 to pay on the car. Talk about a deal!

The Takeover Process

  • Make sure the seller of the leased car notifies their leasing company of your interest in taking over their leased car
  • Inspect the car carefully – look for any damages to the car or any coverups of possible previous damages
  • Request a vehicle inspection report from the lessee’s dealer. If they do not provide a report, you can go online a request a free car history report by providing the *Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Check the amount of mileage used on the car by the lessee and the amount available for you

— Terms of the lease should reflect the miles you have available for use and should not reflect that of the previous lessee.

— If the miles on the car before takeover are beyond what it should be for the month you takeover, you can possibly get an extension and have extra miles added.

* VIN should contain 17 characters without the letters I, O, or Q. If the VIN contains less than 17 characters or any of the three letters stated, it is very likely the VIN has been altered, and it should not be in your possession.

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