Selling Your Car Online

So you want to try selling your car online?

A few questions might be going through your head like what site to use, is there a fee to post, or how far can I sell my car to.

Here are some tips to selling your car online:

Local or National?

If you want to sell locally, you can use sites like Craiglist or eBay Motors. “For Sale By Owner” is available within your specified radius and it is free to use. eBay Motors allows you to sell locally, nationally, and at times internationally. With eBay motors, you sell via an auction format or can list your car at a fixed price.

Creating Your Advertisement 

When creating an ad for your car, you got to make sure you make it look the price it is worth for potential buyers.

  • Wash and detail the exterior of your car as well as detailing the interior. When potential buyers look at cars, they want to see a car that looks shiny and bright. 
  • Choose a “location” that has a plain background. Don’t choose something with a “busy” background.
  • Photos should include multiple (and good quality) angles of your car, inside and outside. Include the trunk, the interior (dash, seats, floors, steering wheel, radio, etc, and under the hood. Close up of tires and wheels should be included as well. Show that you aren’t trying to hide anything from potential buyers.
  • Highlight features that make your car stand out from the rest. Does it have a sunroof, tech upgrades, or anything else that can increase its value?
  • Be descriptive in your car’s mileage and current condition. Does it have a history of accidents? Any recent repairs or modifications? Include past owners if any. Try including any information that can answer a potential buyer’s question so you don’t have to constantly be called or emailed.
  • AVOID creating long ads (keep it less than 1,000 words) and any grammar errors. Also stay away from any crazy phrases like  “Like Brand New!” or “Fully Loaded Ride”.

Contact From A Potential Buyer   

When a potential buyers contacts you, try to respond within a 24 to 48-hour zone. Be sure to gather their name and contact information to check if they are the real deal. Be honest about your car and provide key selling points on why they should buy it. If the potential buyer lives locally, ask if they would like to see the car in person and if they would like to test drive it. However, if someone seems sketchy, be cautious when letting them test drive your car.


Be sure to go through the necessary paperwork when transferring your title to the new buyer and any other additional transfers.

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Interesting Cars Coming In 2018

Every year, the biggest brands reveal their newest models, having consumers ready to buy or lease. However, there are quite a few overseas models that are catching the attention of auto consumers in the U.S.. Here are a few cars from overseas that you wouldn’t mind staring at.

Alpina D5S German Maker: BMW              Estimated Price: $138,000




DS 7 Crossback  French Maker: DS       Expected Price: $35,517 – $52, 619




Lynk&Co 03   Chinese Maker: Geely        Expected Price: $35,517 – $52, 619




Insignia GSi      German Maker: Opel        Expected Price: $32,510 (Disclaimer: Possibly to not be sold in the U.S.) 



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Common Auto Repair Scams

Owning a car also means going in for routine maintenance and any repairs. Auto owners typically enter their preferred auto repair shop for a quick oil change, hand over the keys, and wait until their car is done.


But often times, these auto owners experience “surprise” problems that are “serious” and need to be taken care of immediately. The bill comes out and it is higher than expected, but it is paid anyway. Here are a few tips to avoid being scammed at the repair shop.

  • Check Owner’s Manual for scheduled maintenance chart. (This gives you an estimated interval, from the manufacturer, when you should get an oil change, get your brakes checked, transmission flush, etc.).
  • If the mechanic is reporting a leak, have mechanic show you exactly where the leak is. Beware: Mechanics can fake leaks as well.
  • Ask for a written estimate before you give the thumbs up for the mechanics to start working on your car.
  • Perform your own background check if you recently acquired a used car, and look over reviews of multiple auto shops.
  • Appear confident. Some mechanics like to scare customers into getting more things done to their car than they really need. They will use terms like “bad brakes”, “common problems”, “unsafe to ride”, etc.

Whether a leased vehicle or financed, ensures you get the necessary info you need to know, especially if it is a used car.

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A Leased Car and a Holiday Tree

Having a leased car comes with its perks, but there is the hovering cloud that keeps reminding you to not make any major scratches and dents to the car. We come around the season of the winter holidays and the idea of adding your first large evergreen fir tree to your living room has been on your mind. You might think to yourself, “How can I transport my fir tree without scratching my car?”. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • When you go buy your tree, ask for it to be netted. This will make it easier to manage.
  • Make sure you have enough room in your car if you can put down seats and place heavy blankets to catch any falling tree needles.
  • If you are thinking of having it on top of your car, think about investing in a roof rack so you can tie your tree more securely.
  • Place a tarp, plastic sheet or blanket on the roof of your car before placing the tree to protect your car from getting scratched.
  • Tug on your strings and tree to make sure everything is tight and secured!
  • Drive slowly and carefully, especially if it is your first time carrying something large on top of your car. If you can avoid highways and take steady paced roads, do that instead.

Think you are ready to haul a tree for your festivities? Be sure to use these tips.

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Car Snowed In? Here Is What To Do

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

But having your car snowed in can be a major bummer when you need to run important errands, like your holiday shopping. Here are helpful tips and tricks to get you out and about.

Taking Off Snow

The common method people do when they see a heap of snow on their car is to grab any broom they can find or a shovel and beginning clearing the snow. Both these methods get the job done, but they can leave your car with ugly scratches from the rough bristles of the broom and the metal from the shovel.

  • Instead, have a foam brush handy or a pair of thick leather gloves. Pull, not push, snow off in a straight-forward motion.
  • Start from the roof and begin working your way down to your windows and doors, your hood, trunk, and front and rear lights.
  • Be sure to clear any snow in the exhaust as well.

Taking Off Ice

  • As you take off snow from your car, you might come across sheets of ice that have frozen onto your car. The worst thing you can do is leave it on your car, even snow, for it to just fly off while driving. This creates a danger to others around you as well.
  • Avoid pouring warm water on the ice. This can cause the glass to crack as well as just freeze the additional water you add on.
  • Take an empty spray bottle and fill with two ingredients, 70% rubbing alcohol and tap water. Spray your mixture onto the ice and let it settle for a few minutes, then take a plastic scraper and begin removing the ice.

Whether the winter wrath has begun piling snow onto your car or you have yet to experience it but still found these tips helpful, it is great to apply these to your car, especially if it is a leased car.

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