3 Solid Reasons To Go With A Used Car

reasons to go with a used carNew or used? When it comes to car shopping, that’s often the first question people ask. Cars these days are built to last for many years and many miles, which has made used vehicles very popular among car shoppers. Although there can be benefits to buying or leasing a new car, a used car can make much more sense. Here are just three of the many reasons to go with a used car:

  1. They cost less: Often, they cost much less than a similar new vehicle. Depreciation is highest during the first few months or years of a vehicle’s life. A used car will not lose value as quickly, which means you will get a higher percentage of your investment back when you eventually trade it in. The lower prices of used vehicles also mean you can afford a nicer car. You really can have your dream car — it has just had a previous owner.
  2. They have lower insurance rates: Used cars become even more affordable when you consider that they cost less to insure. The money saved each month on insurance can go toward a higher monthly car payment, which, again, helps you afford a nicer vehicle.
  3. There are more used cars to choose from. With all of the makes and models being manufactured today, you have a number of choices when it comes to new cars. But if you are shopping for a used car, you have all of those same choices — plus every other car that has ever been made. And thanks to the Internet, it is relatively easy to search and find a used car that is perfectly suited to your needs.

At Swapalease, we provide yet another reason to go with a used car: the ability to transfer leases. We make it easier to get the advantages of a used vehicle while also getting the benefits of a lease program. Contact us for help finding your next car or to trade in your leased vehicle.

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