4 Tips for a Cooler Car

Summertime is perfect for swimming, popsicles, and cranking up the A/C. The summer heat can be dangerous for our health but also for our cars.  During this time of year, cars need to be treated with extra care.

Here are four tips on keeping your vehicle as cool as possible during these hot and humid couple of months:

  • Purchase a sunshade or lay blankets over your seats.  This will keep your car cool when it is parked in the sun and make it more comfortable for you when you return.
  • Leave your windows slightly cracked when the vehicle is both parked and in motion, which will allow a slight breeze to move into the car.
  • Always keep extra coolant in your car in case of emergencies.  This is imperative because antifreeze ensures that the engine of your vehicle is kept cool.
  • Constantly check your tire pressure.  When tires are not filled to their capacity, more friction and heat are created, causing tires to wear and tear faster.

Although these tips may help keep your car cool, some vehicles are more subjected to the heat than others and therefore require a little bit more attention. For example, a black car with black interior will require a significantly greater amount of responsibility during the summertime in comparison with a white vehicle with tan interior.

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