4 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore In Your Car

We have all been there. You look at your dashboard right past the openings of your wheel and you see a symbol light up. Some of us might shrug them off until their next vehicle check-up and some of us might have no idea what the symbols mean at all. Here are the 4 most common warning symbols that can pop up and what they mean.

Tire Pressure Light

This symbol resembles a tire with an exclamation point in the middle. When this light comes on, it usually means one tire or multiple tires are low on air. This can easily be fixed by inserting air into your tires at a gas station or taking it to the nearest car service, they can check the pressure in the tires and add air, sometimes for free! Don’t avoid this symbol too long if it pops up, you can easily be flattening your tires the more you drive.

Oil Light

The symbol if there is something going on with the oil in your car is pretty simple, it looks like an oil canister with a drip of oil coming out of its spout. When this light comes on, your oil level or pressure could be low. If you are due for an oil change, go ahead and make an appointment with your nearest car service shop. If you ignore this symbol, your engine can possible stop while you are driving.

Battery Light

This symbol is also a self-explanatory one. It looks like a battery pack with a plus symbol on one side and a minus symbol on the other. Many things can cause this to occur. Your battery could not be charging at a volt range it should be charging at, the battery cable terminal is corroded, or you have damaged battery plates. Regardless of which it is, make sure to get it check out immediately. Your car may run fine while this symbol is on, but one the car is shut off, it might not be able to start.

Brake Light

This symbol can be tricky to some scars come with multiple symbols for a dilemma dealing with your brakes. If it is a circle with parentheses around it, no matter what’s inside the circle, it is most likely dealing with your brakes. When this light comes on you can either be low on fluid, there is a problem with your brake hydraulic system, or the parking brake is on. If the parking brake isn’t on, take your car to a car service to have it checked out immediately.

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