5 Common Auto Insurance Myths

For those looking at buying auto insurance for the first time or wonder what their present auto insurance really can or can’t do, it can be a game of facts mixed in with myths. At times, believing those myths will gift you with some unpleasant wake-up calls. Here are five common auto insurance myths you should avoid.

       MYTH #1 Color of your car affects your premium

We have all heard the ol’ “a red car means higher insurance”. This is not the case since your premium is determined by the make, model, and year of your car. This means you can go get that red car from Swapalease that you have been eyeballing.

MYTH #2 If your friend drives and wrecks it, it will not affect your rate

If you trust your friend enough to drive your car, you are a really good friend! Until they get into a wreck that was their fault and you realize that because you let him/her borrow the car you also lend them your insurance. So that accident will now be on your insurance record! Adios amigo…

MYTH #3 Your insurance company will cover your car if it is stolen or damaged by fire or vandalism

Theft, vandalism, or any other uncontrollable scenario can happen to your vehicle. You weren’t in control so the insurance can cover it, right? WRONG!  Unless you purchased comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, these losses are not covered.

MYTH #4 Parking tickets affect your premium

Your rate is usually affected by speeding tickets or other driving infractions, but getting a parking ticket will keep you in the clear unless you decide to not pay the parking ticket.

MYTH #5 Auto insurance covers personal property left in car

If personal belongings, such as a baseball bat, cellphone, or jewelry are taken from your vehicle, it is only covered under a property insurance policy (home, condo or renters insurance). Do your homework and make sure you have the coverages you need!

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