5 Key Safety Features to Consider when Buying a Used Car

Drivers are increasingly interested in safety features when they’re car shopping. Although the technology is constantly advancing, you can still have quite sophisticated safety features when you’re getting a used car, as long as you know what to look for.
Here are five key safety features to consider when getting a used car:


  1. Electronic stability control: Electronic stability control is a computerized system designed to help you stay in control of your car. It makes adjustments to the speed of each wheel (usually by applying anti-lock brakes) to prevent skidding during a sharp turn and reduce the risk of a rollover. Studies have shown that electronic stability control cuts the risk of having a fatal accident by one-third.
  2. Collision avoidance systems: These systems use sensors to detect potential accidents before they happen. They usually have features such as blind-spot monitoring to warn drivers of hazards. They may also actively take control of a car to prevent a collision— by applying the brakes or using electronic stability control to steer the car.
  3. Side curtain air bags: Side-curtain air bags deploy from the car’s ceiling, next to the doors and extend downward to cover the side windows. They provide a cushion for your head and serve to keep you in the car and glass and other debris out.
  4. Air-bag seat sensors: Some air bag systems can detect whether there is a child in the passenger seat, where the seat is in relation to the dash and whether the seat belts are buckled. They then deploy differently to provide the best protection for the seats’ occupants.
  5. Smart seat belts: Safety belts are not new, but there are some newer features on some models. Look for belts with pretensioners, force limiters and adjustable upper-shoulder-strap anchors.


When you’re getting a used car, you can often find these safety features on late-model lease vehicles. To learn more about getting a used car by taking over a short-term car leasecontact us at Swapalease. We’ll be happy to help.