5 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Car

The moment you drive your car off dealership lot, it begins to lose value.  However, there are several things a new car owner can do to maintain and extend the life of their vehicle. These 5 tips will not only save you money, but they will help to keep your car out of the auto shop.

1. Change The Oil Regularly

Although engines can typically go longer between oil changes than they used to, there’s no excuse for not having your oil changed regularly.  If your car maintenance reminder light comes on, it’s time to get the oil changed immediately.  Failure to change your oil and oil filter puts the entire engine at risk.  Regular oil changes ensure that the oil is at the correct level.

2. Watch Your Tire Pressure

One of the leading causes of tire failure is due to not keeping the correct amount of air in the tires to begin with.  Keeping the correct amount of air in your tires actually improves your vehicle’s fuel economy.   Checking your vehicle tire pressure is simple, and will certainly assist in extending the life of your vehicle.

3. Clean Your Car

This tip sounds fairly obvious, but washing your car does more than keep up the physical appearance.  Washing and cleaning your car regularly helps to get rid of chemicals that can cause rust and damage.  This is especially important for regions that salt is used during the winter months.  In warmer climates, things like dust, pollen, and sap can eat into the paint and should be removed as soon as possible.

4. Get Regular Maintenance

Using a qualified technician for regular maintenance can make a big difference in the life and longevity of your car.  Most modern cars have updated features, requiring a technician that has more complex knowledge about your specific car.  Regular “check-ups” and maintenance help to keep your car in the best condition year-round.

5. Lease Instead of Buy

If you are the type of owner that doesn’t want to pay for maintenance out of pocket, then leasing might be a better option for you.  Cars that are leased are typically turned in after two or three years, and because they aren’t owned by the driver- the maintenance aspect falls on the dealership.  With a new vehicle every few years, consumers are sure to always enjoy the longevity aspect of a vehicle.

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