6 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Car

When you have no particular car in mind, having too many variables can make the car shopping experience much more stressful and confusing. However, when you’re too picky, the experience can be just as difficult.


To make the car shopping experience as painless as possible, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when buying your first car.


  1. Price/Value: Before you start looking at prices, find the value of a car so you know where to begin with a budget. This will keep you from buying a decent but overpriced car or a damaged but inexpensive car.
  2. Accumulated Mileage: This is important because it will give you an indication of the general wear-and-tear of the car and an expectation of how long the car will be serviceable.
  3. Safety: Know the safety features of the car and research how they are rated. Cool and exotic cars make look good, but if they aren’t safe, it’s not something to invest in.
  4. Fuel Economy: A car may be cheaper to buy outright, but sometimes a less efficient gas mileage will mean putting much more money into the gas tank than you would have on the entire car.
  5. Brand Recalls: Before you buy, make yourself aware of any brand recalls with the specific type of car so you aren’t caught off guard if something happens.
  6. Dealer: Who you are buying from is just as important as what you’re buying. Car salesmen have a reputation of being dishonest, so make sure you know you’re buying from someone who is giving you the best deal on your car.


Buying or leasing a car is a big decision and should not be done without the proper amount of research. It is critical to spend time reading customer and critic reviews, comparing similar models, and test driving cars at reputable dealerships.


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