8 Gasoline Cheats Car Owners Should Know

When it comes to purchasing gas, we look for the cheapest and most convenient. Here are 10 gas hacks you should learn about before pumping gas again.

  1. Filling up late at night or very early in the morning offers you cheaper gas prices since there is less traffic out.
  2. Try pumping gas on Wednesdays. Gas prices tend to hike up in the begging out the week and end.
  3. Gas reward cards offer deductible fuel points and have the option of linking it to a valid credit card. Use your credit card and save on gas.
  4. Fuel programs offered by grocery stores is a great way to save since the groceries you buy lead to fuel points.
  5. Fuel cleaners are inexpensive and can limit your visits to the pump and mechanic! It goes up against condensation, corrosion, debris, and rust.
  6. Avoid pumping gas when a tanker truck is present. When they refill a fuel cell, they stir up impurities and sediment which you are putting in your tank.
  7. Download GasBuddy. It’s a great app to view up to date gas prices and will even reward you if you report any changes you see on gas.
  8. Because gas acts as a coolant for the electric fuel pump motor, driving on empty forces the pump to suck in more air and create excess heat that can damage your fuel pump.

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