Americans Are Loving the Lease

All across the country people are looking to cut back on their monthly payments. This includes trying to save on cellphone bills, gas bills and now car payments. More and more people are turning to car leasing rather than financing as a way to save money and still drive a desirable car.

In a recent article published on, it was noted that 31.46% of auto sales in the first quarter were leased, that is a significant increase from the 24.05% in previous years. The cause of this sudden spike in leases could be partially due to the fact that as a whole, loan payments on vehicles have increased by about $7 dollars, while lease payments have decreased by $14 dollars. This may seem like pocket change to some, over time the few extra bucks add up and can save consumers hundreds.

Leasing cars rather than buying also appeals to people because they are not tied to any one car for longer than they want. That is the beauty of allows customers currently in a lease contract to trade with other lessees in an online marketplace. Doing so can get you out of a car you disliked and into your ideal vehicle without having to wait for the contract to expire. has been helping people who want to switch up their ride for more than 15 years. Headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, is an online marketplace that allows drivers to list their current lease and helps match them with buyers looking to take over the remainder of that lease. Both parties get what they’re looking for all with the convenience of online shopping.

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