Are Self-Driving Cars Becoming a Reality?

According to the Huffington Post, self-driving cars are being tested all across the United States in 2016.  The goal of these vehicles would not be to assist lazy individuals but rather to help trump the number of car accidents that occur amongst our country.  Of course this new invention will most definitely cause problems to arise but it will also fix many issues that have been prevalent in the car industry throughout recent years.

For example, there have been many instances in which individuals fall asleep at the wheel.  Self-driving cars could help to reduce the number of accidents that occur due to this problem.  In addition, a machine cannot get distracted the way a human does with technology and various social media sites, which would further reduce the number of accidents that occur.

Although self-driving cars can have their perks, there are many downfalls as well.  There is no way a car can have the same reflexes and same perception as a human.  It would be extremely difficult for a machine to react to different road conditions and bad drivers instantaneously.

Self-driving cars have been an invention that people have talked about for a while now.  And it seems as though it might be becoming a reality. Although the testing is in its initial phases, it will be interesting to see what is concluded about these vehicles.  Maybe one day will be offering lease deals for these self-driving cars.

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