Are Self-Driving Cars the Future?

For a more than a year now, self-driving cars have been gaining an increased popularity since brands like Google, Nissan, Tesla, Honda and many more have presented cars with self-driving features. Visions of cars that drive themselves while entertaining its passengers with movies on the internet and social media have sparked a lot of attention is today’s modern society.

For example, Japan, one of the leading producers of automobiles in the world, has a generation of young people interested in self-driving cars. Last year at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan Motor Co. showed off a prototype with laser scanners equipped with a 360-degree camera, radar and computer chips so that the car can “think” and manage itself autonomously. Nissan IDS calls this “intelligent driving system”.

Another self-driving car that has been heavily promoted and has caught people’s attention is the Google Car. It has been one of the most famous autonomous cars in recent years. This small electric car, which is not yet available to consumers, circulates itself in states where laws are more flexible regarding the limitation of self driving cars. According to, the car’s top speed of 40 km per hour, has been known to cause several problems. There have been 17 accidents so far involving Google’s car, most caused by disturbances to the car’s programing caused by other humans on the road. However, this evidence suggests that these self-driven vehicles are not ready for a road full of human-driven vehicles.

Even though self-driving cars may be considered the vehicles of the future, our society may not quite be ready for them. As long as the majority of drivers in the road are humans rather than smart car computers, self-driving cars will just have to wait their turn.

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