Are You Accidentally Ruining Your Car?

Not every person who drives a car is an expert mechanic. Most people are just average Joes who use their vehicles to get from point A to point B and don’t think too much about how their driving habits are affecting their cars. A few simple mistakes could be taking a  significant toll on the car without the owner even knowing.


It’s summer time and it is HOT outside. Leaving your car in the sun for an extended period of time can do more than turn your car into a sauna, it can also harm your dashboard and battery. When your car sits in the scorching hot temperatures of July, the fluid in the battery can start to evaporate. This can cause damage to the internal structure and shorten the battery’s life. It is a good idea to get your battery checked periodically throughout the summer by an automobile professional to make sure that your car’s battery will work when you need it.


Not only can heat damage car batteries but it can also ruin your dashboard. Leaving your dash to bake in the sun can cause it to blister and crack. While this is not a major mechanical issue, this is bad for your car’s resale value.  Try to use a reflective sunshade for your windshield as often as possible. This will reflect heat and light away from your dashboard and keep your car’s interior in good condition.


Although your car’s interior is nice to look at, safety is a more important aspect to worry about. One of the most important safety features your car has are the brakes. Your brakes are the only thing stopping you from hitting another car, or worse, a pedestrian. But over use of your brakes or “riding your brakes” can wear the brake pads down and make them less effective and therefore dangerous to you and other drivers sharing the road.


Another important note about safety is regularly checking your tire pressure. Not only does low tire pressure result in worse gas mileage but it can also lead to tire blow-outs on the highway. To avoid this check the pressure in your tires regularly to ensure that you will be accident free.

These tips are sometimes easily forgotten but if overlooked for too long can lead to serious damage to your car so be sure to routinely check your cars for any signs of potential damage.

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