Auto Airbag Engineers: They’ve Got You Covered

auto airbagOver the past few decades, auto airbags have gone from an experimental option available only on a handful of vehicles to a standard safety feature nearly as prevalent as seat belts. Auto airbag engineers are far from finished, though, as the number of new innovations in airbag technology is greater now than ever.

Some auto airbag advancements, such as “smart” airbags that deploy at different rates depending on the size of the person in the seat, have already become mandatory features on all new cars. Other new airbags that are currently in the works, or available only on select models, include:

  • Flexible venting airbags – This is a new, simpler smart airbag system. For larger passengers, vents on the side of the airbag allow some air out to reduce the impact force of the airbags themselves.
  • Front center airbags – These deploy between the driver and passenger seats to provide additional support for each. Combined with frontal and side curtain airbags, they provide an airbag cushion all around the body.
  • Knee airbagsThese small cushions protect the knees and legs from hitting the underside of the dashboard.
  • Inflatable seat belts – This type of auto airbag is incorporated into the seat belts themselves. Used only in the rear seats, these belts inflate in the event of a collision to provide extra support to rear passengers, particularly children. It’s not clear how they’ll work with child safety seats, however, so it would make sense to use the LATCH system to safely secure such seats.
  • Pedestrian airbags – For the first time, automakers are looking at ways to protect pedestrians who may get hit by a car. These airbags deploy on the outside of the car, providing a cushion and preventing someone from crashing through the front windshield. Such systems can also adjust the angle of the hood to lessen the impact force.

As they become available, you can find these auto airbag technologies on newer and often higher-end luxury vehicles. You can find such vehicles with affordable and flexible lease terms through our lease transfer system at To learn more, please contact us today.

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