Auto Debt Cruising to New Heights

As more and more people find stability in this economy, they are becoming increasingly confident in their consumer purchase power. Moreover, as more Milennials are entering the adult world and are purchasing their first cars and homes, loan terms and lengths have changed to help make these commodities more affordable. Though longer loan terms help make things more affordable, it also raises the auto debt which has been climbing steadily.

Though longer loan terms help first-time buyers and individuals with less than perfect credit afford a car, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to meet those expenses later on. Experian Automotive acknowledged in a recent Money News article that Americans will pay for a new vehicle for roughly a decade.

What does this mean for auto debt? The down side of having a longer car loan term means that individuals can find themselves upside-down on their loan down the road if they want to trade it in early. Though experts have kept their eye on the auto market to watch out for any red flags, they haven’t seen any. Others argue if consumers were able to afford a brand new car, they wouldn’t be signing up to pay for it for the next few years.

Another option is to lease a vehicle. Why get trapped in a long-term loan by purchasing a car when you can simply lease one for a shorter duration? Instead of being stuck with the same car for the next few years, you can drive the newest models year in and year out. is the lease market place for the digital world. By matching individuals looking to get out of their lease with individuals wanting in, they facilitate the lease transfer process. makes it easy for you to get into the car you want and not spend any more time and money on your current vehicle.

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