Your Auto Lease: 5 Reasons Someone Else Would Like to Pick It Up

auto leaseThough leasing a car often makes more sense than buying one, there are times when you need to get out of that auto lease. Perhaps your circumstances have changed, or you’ve been in the lease a couple of years and would now like a new vehicle. 

The good news is, in about 90 percent of all cases, you can transfer out of an auto lease by having someone else take over the payments. Just because the lease no longer works for you doesn’t mean that others wouldn’t love to have your car and your leasing terms.

In fact, here are five big reasons why someone else might be interested in taking over your auto lease:

  1. A change in their circumstances – Just as changes in your job or family situation may cause you to want out of your lease, changes in someone else’ circumstances may cause them to want in.
  2. A shorter lease term – It’s difficult to find a new car lease that’s truly short-term, and if you do, the monthly payments will be much higher. By searching through available lease transfers though, a car shopper can find any lease term, from a few months to a few years, and still pay the lower monthly payments of a long-term lease.
  3. Variety – With the shorter lease terms, a driver can change cars more often without the risk and expense of buying and selling.
  4. No down payment – By taking over an existing auto lease, a driver doesn’t need to have the cash for an initial down payment.
  5. The ability to buy the car at the end of the lease – When an auto lease is finished, the current lease holder has the option to buy the car at the agreed-upon residual value. This means they can own the car without a down payment and at a reduced price.

At, we make it easy to escape from your current auto lease or acquire a new one. Contact our helpful staff today to learn more about how the lease transfer process works.

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