How Auto Maintenance Goes Hand-in-Hand With Fuel Economy

auto maintenanceMost people today are interested in saving fuel. Improving fuel economy is good for both the pocketbook and the environment.

One way to improve fuel economy is to perform regular auto maintenance. Keeping your car in peak condition enables it to perform at peak efficiency.

Below are some of the ways in which auto maintenance can help save fuel.

  • Regular tune-ups provide some of the biggest potential fuel savings and can have the biggest impact on reducing harmful emissions. Fresh spark plugs can help your engine fully burn and utilize all of the fuel it takes in. Using fuel additives that clean the valves and injectors can also be a regular and particularly easy part of auto maintenance.
  • Using the right motor oil, which means both changing it on time and using the right type of oil, will reduce friction within the engine and maximize fuel economy.
  • Changing the air filter regularly is actually more important than changing the oil if you’re strictly talking about improving fuel economy. Fuel is only one-half of the combustion equation; without oxygen from the air, your engine cannot run. Having a clean air filter helps ensure that your engine’s running with the correct air and fuel mixture and is therefore burning efficiently and producing fewer harmful emissions.
  • Keeping your tires properly inflated also has a small impact on fuel economy. Tire maintenance in general is important for both efficiency and safety, as worn or under-inflated tires are more likely to blow out and can reduce traction and stability. Choosing low-rolling resistance tires can improve fuel economy by a few additional percentage points.
  • Cleaning out your car might not always be considered auto maintenance, but it can save fuel. If you’re unnecessarily carrying around heavy items in the back seat or trunk, take them out. The less your car weighs, the less fuel it will consume.

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