Automobiles, IoT and Hackers

Technology has advanced so quickly that it’s been difficult to stay up to date at times. However, as cars continue to communicate more with each other, and soon to our homes as well, it’s no wonder there could be some dangers with how data will be available and how easily tech-savvy cars can be hacked.

USA Today recently released an article talking about what the automotive industry should be aware of as technology for cars becomes fancier and standard in new models. At a Delphi sponsored hack-a-thon, high school and college age kids as well as seasoned hackers, were able to hack into cars, unlocking and turning them on remotely. As automobiles begin to speak with each other and traffic systems, hackers could possibly get into these systems.

Experts, in the article, say that new software and hardware must be created in order to maintain drivers’ records and cars safe. With these technology advances becoming the norm in automobiles, it is no wonder the cost of owning a car has increased. Many consumers must take out a loan longer than 5 years in order to keep monthly payments down. Technology does improve our lives but it may also makes things out of our financial means.

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