Automotive Sales Slow After Steady Growth

Auto sales seem to have taken a back seat after steadily increasing for a few months. A recent article in The New York Times stated that some of the country’s biggest automakers reported a slight decrease in new car sales. Though the car giants reported selling 1.55 million vehicles in March, the April sales have decreased.

Auto experts forecast that auto sales in 2015 will surpass the 16.6 million vehicles sold in 2014. General Motors reported a 2.4 percent decline compared to 2014. Ford also reported a 3.5 percent decrease in sales. Honda experienced a 5.3 percent decrease in new car sales.

What does this mean for the consumer? Many are coming off leases and are in need of a new car. Unless they plan on purchasing the car, they will be in the market for a new vehicle and dealers are ready to cut a new deal with returning customers.

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