A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Used Hybrid

choosing a used hybridHybrid cars have become popular over the last decade or so, as higher gas prices have caused drivers to look for more fuel-efficient options.

That means there are now a lot of used hybrid vehicles on the market, including hybrid lease transfers. But many people still have no experience with hybrid technology and don’t know how to go about choosing a used hybrid.

Who should get a hybrid?
Hybrids get great gas mileage in city driving, but there are several non-hybrid models that get better highway mileage. Choosing a used hybrid makes more sense if you have a long commute or do most of your driving in the city.

Types of hybrids
There are several types of hybrids to choose from, with significant differences between the types.

  • “Full” or “strong” hybrids rely heavily on the electric motors and batteries, and can drive for short distances without the gasoline engine running at all.
  • “Mild” hybrids rely more on the gasoline engine and just use the electric motor to assist the engine.
  • Plug-in hybrids are full hybrids that can be charged from the electric grid. They can then run on the battery charge for a number of miles without using any gasoline.

Special considerations
Choosing a used hybrid is much like shopping for any other car, but with some additional factors to consider.

  • Hybrid batteries do eventually wear out and need replacement. However, most have an eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranty, and that warranty extends to 10 years and 150,000 miles in California, New York and a few other states.
  • Brakes tend to last longer on hybrid vehicles, so a long interval on the car’s brake servicing record is not necessarily a concern.
  • Not all mechanics know how to service hybrids, so it’s preferable to find one that has been cared for at a dealership.

Since leased hybrids usually have fewer years and miles on them, such concerns are less of an issue.

For help in choosing a used hybrid vehicle, feel free to contact us at Swapalease.com.

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