Best Car Features for Winter

It’s that time of year again, the streets are getting busier and the Autumn air is cooling. While you are running around preparing food for the holiday feasts and shopping for gifts, it won’t be long before winter hits and the roads become icy.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year more than 116,000 Americans are injured and over 1,300 are killed on snowy, slushy or icy pavement every winter.  If you plan on driving in snow or on ice check out some of the car features to help prepare you to drive safely in the winter snow.


  • Electronic Stability Control: ESC is considered one of the most important car safety features for winter and has been required on all passenger vehicles as of the 2012 model year.  It works by computer controlled technology that applies individual brakes to bring the car back on track when the driver loses control.  A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute found that for cars and SUVs, ESC reduced fatal single-vehicle crash risk by 49 percent and fatal multiple-vehicle crash risk by 20 percent.

  • Anti-locking brakes: Anti-locking brakes differ from the traditional brakes.  Instead of locking tires on wet and icy road which cause skidding, the anti-locking braking technology quickly pumps the brakes to keep your car in control.

  • Heated side mirror/windshield:  Heated side mirrors and windshields can clear themselves from fog, ice and prevent further snow buildup.


Safety is always the most important thing to focus on when weather conditions are harsh but being comfortable is always a nice perk too. Listed below are features to help keep you nice and toasty without ever having to experience the painful numbing sensation in your fingers and toes again.

  • Heated seats/steering wheel: Heated seats and steering wheel help protect you from a cold seat and a freezing steering wheel.  The heated seats are a big benefit because they are warm before the car’s heat begins to flow.

  • Remote start: The remote-start systems automatically turn on the heat, defrosters and seats without you having to scrape ice off in the cold.


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