Best Cars of 2016

Everyone has a favorite brand of car. Maybe it’s their own, or maybe it’s the car they’ve been dreaming of. But which brand of automobile is really the best?


On November 12, 2015 the winners of the 2016 best Vehicle Brand Awards were announced. This award recognizes the best cars in each of the four major categories of the automobile industry: Car, SUV’s, Trucks, and Luxury.


This year, Mazda won the award for Best Car Brand. The brand had many positive reviews for well-made interiors and sporty drive handling.  This is no surprise as the Mazda Miata is currently the number 1 car in the U.S. for Sports Car rankings.


The winner of the SUV category with impressive reviews on its utility, comfort, and interior was Honda. Honda is known for producing family-friendly and stylish SUV’s. Some examples of these award-winning SUV’s are the Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V, and the new Honda HR-V.


Ford earned the awards for Best Truck Brand of 2016. The Ford F-150 continues to be the fan favorite of the Ford lineup, known for its strength and classic design.


Porsche dominated the competition and won the title of Best Luxury Brand of 2016. This brand of luxury cars pride themselves on their opulent interiors and connectivity features that many tech-savvy customers today crave.


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