Best Two to Three-Row Cars of 2017 For A Big Family

With hundreds of family cars to choose from, it can be exhausting when figuring out which is right for your family. But if you are like many others who have a big family and need the extra room as well for storage on those family trips, look over the specs of these following cars that can be the perfect fit!

2017 Kia Sorento

Starting at $25,600, an MPG of 21 city/28 highway and seating for 5 to 7.

Total Cargo Volume: For 5 seater (L series) behind the second row for 38.8ft3 and behind first row 73.5ft3. For 7 seater (LX series) behind third row 11.3ft3, behind second row 38.0ft3 and behind first row 73.0ft3.

Total Interior Volume: 5 seater 146.4ft3 and 7 seater 154.2ft3

2017 Nissan Murano

Starting at $29,740, an MPG of 21 city/28 highway and seating for 5.

Total Cargo Volume: 31.1ft3 cargo space with all seats in place and 67ft3 cargo space with rear seats folded.

Total Interior Volume: 108.1ft3

2017 Acura MDX

Starting at $44,050, an MPG of 20 city/27 highway and seating for 7

Total Cargo Volume: There’s a 14.9ft3 of cargo space with all seats in place, 38.4ft3 cargo space with the third row down, and 68.4ft3 with both rear rows down.

Total Interior Volume: 132.3ft3

A good family car depends on what you and your family are specifically looking for. But keeping in mind the above factors will help you make a smart decision. For a great variety of vehicles at great prices, check out is an online marketplace that allows drivers to list their current lease and helps match them with buyers looking to take over the remainder of that lease. Both parties get what they’re looking for all with the convenience of online shopping. Contact at 866-SWAPNOW.