Bizarre Bio-Fuels

Paying for gas is no fun but because most of us need our cars to get to school, work and other necessary places. But some people have beat the system by making their own fuel. These bio-fuels may be unconventional but one day when the price of fossil fuels is sky-high, we might be wishing we had given some of these wacky fuel alternative a chance.


  • Vegetable oil – Most diesel engines can run on waste vegetable oil after some fuel tank adjustments. Always be sure to consult an automotive professional before making changes to your car.
  • Turkey guts – Through a process called thermo-depolymerization, turkey innards, feathers and all other parts of the bird can be turned into fuel.
  • Dirty diapers – Soiled baby diapers can become useable fuel after undergoing a process called pyrolysis in which the material is heated until the molecules break down, enabling it to be used as fuel.
  • Coffee – Used coffee grounds can be turned into bio-fuel, which is a clean burning and eco-friendly fuel.
  • Styrofoam – Diesel fuel can be made by dissolving a component in Styrofoam and other plastics. Unfortunately the plastic fuel is too think and causes overheating.
  • Human fat – Fat which contains triglycerides can be converted into diesel fuel.


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