Boosting Your Car’s MPB: Mileage Per Buck

car's mileageThe cost of fuel can be a significant budget item for some families. Add up all those fill-ups, and the total gas bill can sometimes be higher than the monthly lease payment.

There are multiple things you can do to help keep those costs under control. Beside practicing eco-driving, you can take steps to reduce the cost of the fuel itself, and therefore boost your car’s mileage per buck.

Below are some simple tips you can use to improve your car’s mileage and save money on gas.

  • Get gas on weekday mornings. Fuel prices are more likely to go up on the weekend. And early mornings are generally best because that’s the coolest part of the day. The cool air means that less gas will evaporate. Also, cooler gasoline is more dense, meaning you actually get slightly more gas per gallon.
  • Tighten the gas cap. Make sure it’s securely closed to keep gas vapors from escaping.
  • Park in the shade. Try to keep your car cool in general. Again, warmer gasoline evaporates more quickly. And air conditioning is a drag on your car’s mileage, so it’s helpful to keep the interior from capturing more heat that the A/C would have to work to overcome.
  • Keep your car maintained. In particular, make sure you use the correct type of motor oil, have a clean air filter and keep the tires fully inflated.
  • Watch the trends. If gas prices are starting to go up, fill up sooner rather than later; waiting will just result in buying gas at higher prices. Conversely, if prices are falling, fill up later rather than sooner.
  • Use online resources and apps. There are websites and mobile apps that help you find the lowest-priced fuel in your area. But only stop at stations that are on or very near your route; driving extra miles for cheaper gas defeats the purpose.

You can also save money and boost your car’s mileage by getting a newer, more efficient lease vehicle. To learn more about the economics of lease transfers, please contact us at

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