Your Braking System: 5 Warning Signs That It Needs Attention

braking system warning signs,Your car’s brakes are too important to ignore. And brakes do wear out over time, requiring an occasional replacement or repair.

How do you know when your brakes need attention? Below are five braking system warning signs to keep an eye — or ear, or nose — out for.

  1. Unusual noises – Any noticeable noise coming from the brake system might be unusual, but some sounds clearly indicate problems. The “squealers” built into brake pads will do exactly that when it’s time for new pads, and persistent grinding or groaning noises are bad news, unless the road is slick and they’re caused by the anti-lock brakes pulsing.
  2. Unusual movement – If you feel the brake pedal, steering wheel or the car itself vibrate, pulse or pull to one side when applying the brakes, there’s probably something wrong with the braking system.
  3. Burning smells – Brakes do heat up when used heavily, and observant drivers may notice the smell of hot brakes after parking a car, but it shouldn’t smell like something’s burning. Any unusual scent from your car could be a sign that something’s wrong mechanically.
  4. A soft brake pedal – If you find that you have to push the brake pedal down farther than you used to in order to produce the same braking force, it’s likely a sign that your brake pads are getting worn or that your car’s losing brake fluid.
  5. A warning light on the dashboard – Probably the most obvious of the braking system warning signs is the literal warning sign of those little lit-up symbols on your dashboard. Though obvious, many drivers seem to ignore them. Ignoring any braking system warning signs could be dangerous, though, or end up costing you more in repairs down the road.

Braking system warning signs are important when looking over a used vehicle or deciding whether to repair or replace your old car. If you’re looking for a newer car free from mechanical or safety issues, contact us at and learn how you can get a like-new, low-mileage lease vehicle with affordable monthly payments.

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