Car Crazed Before College

What’s the first thing a teenager wants when they receive their license? A car of course!  But getting a car might not be as easy as they think.  There’s a lot more that goes into it.  Plus, some of these young adults are going to college only shortly after, so buying a car or leasing one for 36 months may not be the best option.

Many college students are either not allowed or choose to not bring their car to school with them, especially during their freshman year when a majority of them are living on campus.  Having a car at school can turn out to be more of a hassle than a convenience.  With the struggle to find a parking spot at most universities and the constant nagging of peers, many students feel as though a car on campus is a nuisance.

However, of course there are perks to having a car with you at college.  Such as being able to run your own errands and traveling to other cities nearby. But unfortunately, some young adults do not see these benefits.

So, what’s the best option for a teenager that claims they “need” a car, but doesn’t necessarily want it for more than a year or two? A short term lease.  A short term lease enables these students to be able to have a car for the limited time that they would like without the 36-month obligation.  This makes everything a lot easier for both the teens and the parents as well.   When these students go to leave for college they no longer have to worry about what to do with the car that they do not want anymore.

And this is exactly where can help.  Check out the company’s website or contact them at 866-SWAPNOW to find out how you can have the ability to acquire a short term lease by taking over the remainder of somebody else’s lease anywhere across the United States.