Car Features for Better Visibility

Car accidents can be caused by many different factors like distracted drivers, vehicle malfunction, and weather. It can be hard to prevent accidents caused by these factors because often times it is out of our hands. But one more safety factor, visibility, can be the key to lessening the chances of getting into an accident on the road and can sometimes be control based on the type of car.


Visibility in cars sounds like a given but the level of clarity in which you are able to see can vary depending on which car you drive. According to a recent report by consumer reports, not all cars provide the driver with the ability to see the road with the clarity that is needed to operate a vehicle safely.


There are certain feature that make a car more apt to have better visibility. Cars that have a boxy shape tend to have more vertical windows which allow for better visibility and ore window space for the driver.  Sedans usually have windows that are placed at an angle to allow the car to be lower and more arrow dynamic. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make it harder for driver to see out the rear windows and create larger blind spots.


Today, most new cars come with a backup camera to help drivers see when driving in reverse. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, by the year 2018 all vehicles will be required to have rear visibility technology.


Blind spot monitoring systems are also a huge help when it comes to increasing driver visibility. Blind spot monitoring systems use visual and auditory signals to alert the driver that there is a vehicle in the car’s blond spot. This feature is most helpful when merging on the highway. It looks in the lane next to our vehicle so that the driver doesn’t have to.


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