Car Hacks To Consider Using

Do you find yourself wondering how you can tidy up and improve your daily ride?  Here are a few creative low budget ideas to create awesome car hacks that can help you out!

  • Plastic Cereal Container: Buy a plastic cereal container and put in a plastic bag for a quick and easy trash bin.
  • Cupcake Holders: Avoid coins sticking to the bottom from drink residue with cupcake paper holders to safeguard your cup holders.
  • Multi-File Folder: Put your registration and other important documents in an organization folder for quick access when you reach for your glove box.
  • Fabric Softener Sheets:  Place scented fabric softener sheets in your car to eliminate unwanted odors.
  • DIY First-Aid Kit: By a plastic container and fill with dollar store medical items.
  • Plastic Bag Dispenser: Take an empty tissue box and fill it with plastic bags for emergencies of any kind.
  • Bungee Cord: Have a long bungee cord handy in your trunk. Made a trip to the grocer? Attach one hook of the bungee to one side of your net holder and run the cord through the handles of your bag. The other end hooks to the other side and bam! No more tossed bags.
  • Noodle Safety: Having trouble with opening your door in your garage without hitting the wall? Cut pool noodles in half and stick/nail them to the walls where your doors usually hit.
  • Ping-Pong Parking: Need assistance parking as you enter your garage? Avoid hitting any items in front of you or the front wall by hanging a ping-pong ball on a string right in front of your windshield. Place it where you have enough room in front of your car.
  • Mirror Parking: Another garage hack! Place a couple mirrors, big or small, to act as a guide for pulling in and out of your garage.

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