Car Lease Payments Following Family Death

The last thing you want to be thinking about after the death of a loved one is your car lease. But that was exactly the case recently for a woman who lost her husband of 60 years, reported by the LA Times.

Sally Shafton, 81 years old, received a bill from Toyota that said she owed over $2,000 on her late husband’s recent Prius lease. When Bob Shafton made the agreement, he understood that he was ill, but the salesman at the time “assured him that death would qualify for the interruption of the lease.”

Death, however, is considered as an early termination of your contract, which can yield thousands of dollars in penalty fees. Already with a heavy heart, the widow now found herself with another bill, another worry to attend to. Toyota isn’t backing off either, explaining that the verbage is in the fine print and that the amount must be paid.

Swapalease has a history of working with families in order to get a lease off the estate. Instead of dealing with financial collectors, you can transfer out of the lease contract and give the responsibility and the payment to someone else. That gives you the chance to deal with much more important matters.

Whether it’s a family death, or a simple desire to opt out of your current lease and change to the newest vehicle technology, visit or call 866-SWAPNOW.