Car Recalls: No Reason to Panic, Just See the Mechanic

car recalls-Swapalease.comCar recalls are a fairly common occurrence. About 400 million motor vehicles have been recalled over the past five decades, not including recalls for tires, safety seats or other automotive parts. 

It should not be a surprise, therefore, if your vehicle gets recalled. Car recalls are nothing to be too concerned about; in fact, you could consider them a positive thing, since they mean you get a potential problem with your vehicle fixed for free.

How Recalls Work
Car recalls are issued when a flaw is discovered in the vehicle’s manufacture or design, and that flaw causes a potential safety hazard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, which is the organization responsible for reporting a car’s safety ratings, has the power to order auto manufacturers to issue recalls. However, manufacturers often initiate their own recalls without the NHTSA getting involved.

Car owners are generally notified through mail if their vehicle is recalled, though some new cars notify their drivers through the car’s digital information system. The repair, which is free, can then be scheduled at a dealership. Car owners are not forced to get the repairs made, though obviously it is wise to do so.

Checking Recall History
Sometimes drivers don’t receive the recall notification, while others may ignore what they see as a minor repair. So, if you are taking over the lease on a used car, you may want to check for recalls involving the vehicle and see whether those repairs have been made.

You can search for car recalls by model and year at the government’s website. You can also find recall information by checking the car’s VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, which is how automakers keep track of whether a specific vehicle has had its recall repairs made. Car recalls are one reason why you should always check a vehicle’s history before taking over a car lease.

If you are looking at taking over a car lease and need help in determining whether the vehicle has been recalled or repaired, please contact us at We would be happy to help.

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