Cars Get Connected

Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of modern-day life. We have items such as Amazon’s Alexa that will listen to our commands, refrigerators that have internet access and more. So it only makes sense that our cars share that same connectivity.

At the Paris Auto Show this month BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz unveiled cars that will blend seamlessly with our technology driven lifestyle.  These cars will be able to find available parking spots, read road signs and even look at the traffic ahead to determine the best route.

Car makers believe that the data collected from driving will enhance the driver’s experience in the vehicle.

By allowing all of the cars capable of connectivity to form a sort of information grid, they will be able to share information back and forth. So a car that passed an empty parking spot may be able to tell another car that it is available.

Other non-luxury brands are interested in this technology as well. Smartphone apps for brands like Ford and Chevy already allow drivers to remotely locks doors and start their engines.

These features are becoming more and more popular among drivers and this demand will likely drive the amount of cars currently offering this technology up in the future.

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