Cars of the Future Are Here

Technology and automobiles have been merging for quite some time now but in the year 2015 car makers are making leaps and bounds to bring “cars of the future” to the consumers of today. While there may not be flying cars parked in suburban garages across America, in the years to come, maybe even as soon as the year 2020, vehicles will operate very differently from those of yesteryears.


Today, cars such as the Hyundai Genesis, Mercedes-Benz E-class, and the BMW 5 series can already automatically brake if the car senses a potential collision, but  soon cars will be able to have the final say in what the drivers do. Due to a rapid increase in sensor technology, cars will have the ability to brake even if the driver has their foot on the gas pedal. This safety feature will ensure that the care is traveling safely even if the driver is reckless.


When the iPhone 5s came out, society had its first experience with biometric access – the finger print reader that would unlock your phone. But now that same technology is coming to your car. Soon cars will be able to unlock and even start just with the touch of a finger.


Wearable technology is already an incredibly popular form of health tracking but Ford is working on taking this to the next level. The creators behind the automobile giant are trying to invent a seatbelt that can monitor the wearer’s vitals. This could lead cars that call the paramedics when a driver experiences any type of medical emergency while driving.


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