Cars, Technology and the Future

Cars with no steering wheels and no pedals are a lot closer to being a reality than many of us might have imagined. Google has already started working on an autonomous car and hopes to make them available to the public in the next few years. Autonomous cars will bring with it many benefits, according to CNN Money. For both rural and urban residents, autonomous cars can solve many difficulties drivers in both communities face.

According to the article, autonomous driving will make it easier for those who must drive into the city for work and for those living in cities. As car ownership begins to decrease with Millennials being more concerned about the environment, autonomous cars would be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as technology continues to advance.

Though residents in rural areas will still own a car, having options on how to get to the city will make for an easier, smoother commute. With car sharing and services like Uber and Lyft increasing in popularity, as well as younger consumers not owning a car, autonomous cars will make driving a no-brainer.

Autonomous cars will not be available to the public for a couple of years and for those who still get excited about that new car smell, taking over a car lease can be the next best thing. Since we are always looking to upgrade and for the next best thing, taking over the remainder of a lease is one way to do this. What better way to get into the newest cars and latest models?

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