Cars With Best-In-Class Cargo Capacity and Fuel Economy

With today’s fuel economy, drivers are trading in their cargo holding vehicles to much smaller ones in order to save on gas. Some however, don’t want to give up their cargo space and still want to be able to save on fuel. To help buyers look for vehicles with the best of both worlds, here is a list of the top three vehicles in each category below.


Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L | 21mpg and 66 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Ford Transit Connect XLT (2.5L) | 21mpg and 61 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Honda Odyssey EX-L | 21mpg and 61.5 (cubic ft.) cargo volume


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE | 31mpg and 30 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Honda HR-V LX | 29mpg and 32 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Lexus NX 300h | 29 mpg and 32 (cubic ft.) cargo volume


Lexus RX 450h | 29mpg and 30 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Ltd. | 25mpg and 40.5 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (diesel) | 24 mpg and 36.5 (cubic ft.) cargo volume


Toyota Prius V Three | 41mpg and 32 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE | 37 mpg and 28 (cubic ft.) cargo volume

Kia Soul Plus | 26 mpg and 24.5 (cubic ft.) cargo volume


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