Heads Up! Display That Opens Apps on Your Windshield

For years, auto manufacturers have grappled with ways to make using your phone while driving easier while maintaining proper driving safety. Technology giants such as Google and Apple have come up with systems, Android Auto and CarPlay, to enable using their respective software in certain car makes and models. Navdy, a company based in San Francisco, has come up with a way for the majority of the population to have interactive interfaces in their automobiles.

Navdy is in the process of manufacturing heads-up displays, or HUDS, that allow anyone with a car made after 1996 to use, according to a report in The Verge. This display interacts with your phone’s apps and allows them to be projected onto the car’s windshield. Instead of having to take your eyes off the road to answer a call, text or look at what your next turn is, the display will recognize gestures and react accordingly.

This technology is also a great example why people are looking to change cars more frequently. Rather than stay in the same car for six or seven years, drivers today want to change their cars as often as they change technology such as their smartphones. Swapalease.com helps facilitate this automotive desire.

Now you’re probably thinking, my car doesn’t have a touchscreen display and I won’t be able to use this technology when it becomes available. The good news is this technology will be accessible to anyone, not just an elite few. However, you don’t have to wait until Navdy’s HUD hits the market to drive in style.

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No Steering Wheel, No Pedals, No Problem

Futuristic cars aren’t something out of a scene from “Back to the Future”. In the very near future, we could all be driving around in automated, electric cars with no steering wheels or pedals of any sort. Google has been building and testing driver-less cars at its California plant for the last four years. The electric powered vehicles only have two buttons: a red “e-stop” button, in cases of emergency, and a start button.

Google has come up with a way to take humans out of the equation. The car can be summoned by an application on your smart phone, can see about 600 feet in all directions, and has a range of roughly 100 miles. Possible future plans to use these automated vehicles will be to replace taxis in places like Manhattan. Why spend $5 per mile on cab fare when you can spend $0.50 per mile to go the same distance in half the time?

Though these cars won’t be made available to the public for some time, some day we may want to transfer in and out of our driverless cars, simply because we want something different. Like the leasing market for traditional cars, there will eventually be a lease transfer market for driverless cars.

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