Auto Airbag Engineers: They’ve Got You Covered

auto airbagOver the past few decades, auto airbags have gone from an experimental option available only on a handful of vehicles to a standard safety feature nearly as prevalent as seat belts. Auto airbag engineers are far from finished, though, as the number of new innovations in airbag technology is greater now than ever. Continue reading

Your Noisy Brakes: They’re Telling You Something — Do You Know What?

noisy brakesHaving noisy brakes on your car could indicate a problem or just be a minor annoyance. Considering how important brakes are to your safety, though, you’re better off knowing exactly what your noisy brakes are trying to tell you. Continue reading

Handling an Auto Emergency: How to Stay Cool and Composed When Your Car Breaks Down

handling an auto emergencyIf you drive any car long enough, at some point it’s bound to break down on the road. It may be as simple as running out of gas or getting a flat tire, or perhaps the oil pressure or temperature light will indicate you need to pull over. Whatever the cause of the problem, handling an auto emergency on the road is something every driver should know how to do. Continue reading

Avoiding Driving Distractions: A Common Sense Guide

avoiding driving distractionsDriving while distracted can be almost as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. However, few people see it that way, and some who would strongly condemn drinking and driving think nothing of eating while driving or using smartphones behind the wheel. Continue reading

How to Enjoy Your High-Tech Car Features While Also Protecting Your Privacy

protect high-tech car featuresIf you’re driving a new or nearly new car, odds are it knows quite a bit about you. Much like phones, most new cars are “smart” and come equipped with high-tech car features such as Bluetooth connectivity and in-dash navigation systems. If you use these high-tech car features (and sometimes even if you don’t), they can store personal information that a thief or valet could then access for nefarious purposes.  Continue reading