Going With a Car That Somebody Else Has Leased? Smart Move

leasing car that somebody else has leasedLeasing a new car and buying a used car are widely regarded as the two best ways to save money when shopping for a vehicle. But for many people, the smartest move is to go with a car that somebody else has leased. By taking over the lease on a used car, you can get the best of both worlds. Continue reading

Manual Transmissions Are Fuel Efficient and Cheaper? Debunking the Myths

manual transmissions - mythsWhen it comes to choosing a new car, the vast majority of people buy a car with an automatic transmission. However, the higher gas prices and mediocre economy of the past few years have caused many people to take a closer look at manual transmissions. Manuals, after all, are supposed to be more fuel efficient and cheaper to own. But is that really the case?  Continue reading

Check Out The DOE Fuel Economy Website For Another Take On Your Car’s Mileage

fuel economy website, mpg ratingsWhen shopping for a new car, most people research different models and take into consideration the posted MPG ratings of each vehicle. The mileage ratings listed on window stickers and in advertisements are known as EPA averages, because they are based on a testing method developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Continue reading