Chevy Drivers Have Saved 108 Million Gallons of Gas To Date

As of October 2018,  Chevy reports that Chevrolet Volt owners contributed to reducing the amount of gas consumers use.  In total, it was reported that 147,000 Chevrolet Volts in the U.S. have covered approximately 2.6 billion miles, and saved 108 gallons of gas.

The Volt is equipped with one of the largest batteries available for cars today, which gives a range of about 53 miles.  Chevy has reported that the 2019 model year will increase this even more.

GM has also reported that the sales of the Chevrolet Volt have not specifically grown in the last few years.  The company is also approaching the federal tax credit limit, which will trigger a phase out of incentives- so the Volt will likely not expand in the market.