Cleaning Your Car’s Interior, Down To The Last Detail

cleaning your car's interiorCleaning your car’s interior often takes a back seat to keeping the exterior clean — even though the interior is where you spend your time. 

Cleaning your car’s interior thoroughly can make it seem like new again and will improve its residual value and overall appeal when you trade it in or transfer out of your lease. And though it might require some time, cleaning your car’s interior can be done at home at minimal cost.

Below are some details on how to go about cleaning your car’s interior.

  • First, you will need your cleaning materials. For the most part, these do not have to be car-specific; anything that can clean your home’s carpeting or furniture will work fine on the same materials inside your car.
  • Start by vacuuming. Most home vacuums have the necessary hoses and attachments. Vacuum from the top down, as some dust will fall instead of being sucked into the attachment.
  • If you are getting your home steam-cleaned, don’t forget to include your car’s interior. That will save you from having to rent a cleaner just for your car.
  • If you’re not having your carpets steam cleaned, use a spray-on carpet cleaner and a stiff bristle brush for the floors and floor mats.
  • For cloth seats, use a spray-on upholstery cleaner and a gentle, soft brush.
  • For leather seats or trim, use a leather soap or other leather cleaner applied with a damp cloth. Dry cotton swabs can then be used to remove any excess cleaner from the seams.
  • To clean the window interiors, use a standard window cleaner. But spray the cleaner directly on your cloth or paper towel to avoid misting the dash or door frame, as well.
  • For vinyl, plastic or other hard interior surfaces, a cloth sprayed with all-purpose cleaner should work. Tight spaces may require a cotton swab or toothbrush.
  • You’ll want to vacuum again as a closing step to remove any dislodged dirt and facilitate drying.

Contact us at Swapalease if you have any questions about cleaning your car’s interior or about car leasing in general. We’re happy to help you find a car that meets your needs and suits your style.

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