Climate Change and Cars

These days conserving the environment and climate change are hot topics in the news, politics and social media. Everyone is talking about what to do about climate change and how to help improve the planet. Some people are recycling more, others are sourcing their goods from local markets and some people are limiting the amounts of water and electricity they consume each year.


Changing the car you drive is another way you can help reduce your carbon footprint. Hybrid cars have been around for about 19 years and have gained more popularity in recent years. These cars are better for the environment than standard cars because they produce less carbon emissions and are better on gas mileage.


Reducing emissions is important because the greenhouse gasses produced by machines like cars trap heat in the atmosphere causing the climate to warm. Hybrid cars combine gasoline-powered engines with electric components to give drivers the best of both worlds. Because hybrids use both gas and electricity they emit less carbon dioxide into the air than regular cars.


Hybrid cars are also much better on gas mileage than standard cars. Hybrid cars contain a gas engine and an electric or hydrogen engine. Using the combination of engines enables the hybrid cars to travel roughly 5 miles farther per gallon than a standard car would be able to go. This benefit can be realized in spite of the still-falling price of gas.


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