Cool Car Decor

Personalizing makes things feel more like home by incorporating your own style. You personalize your home and your office so why not add a little something to your car? Many people like to add a bumper sticker or steering wheel cover to their rides but occasionally people take it to the next level. Car accessories come in many different forms, each one as unique as the next.


Car accessories that are cool and trendy at the moment may go out of style in the near future. Take a look at these decorations that took personalizing cars to the extreme:


  • Fuzzy dice: This item was one of the first to be sold specifically for hanging on the rear view mirror of a car. The trend originated during World War II when fighter pilots would hang the dice above their instruments for good luck. After the war, the pilots carried on the tradition in their cars.
  • Car eyelashes: These rubber eye lashes fit right onto the car’s headlight to give the car a more “glamorous” and human-like look. This trend is fairly new but is quickly gaining popularity, especially among the ladies.
  • Car mustache: This trend sprouted in California from the ride sharing company, Lyft.  Lyft drivers would dawn a big pink mustache on the front of their cars to distinguish themselves from regular drivers. But when mustaches enthusiasts across the country caught a glimpse of this hairy accessory, it spread like wild fire. Now anyone can have a car mustache of their own.
  • Antenna ball: Although it is unknown how these curious decorations came to be, they were extremely popular in the 90’s. These small rubber or foam antenna toppers could come in all shapes and sizes, including smiley faces and Mickey Mouse ears.
  • Spinning rims: This trend, that was extremely popular in the hip-hop music community, was intended to simulate movement of the wheels even while the vehicle was stopped. Law makers eventually banned these rims in some states because they felt that they could be hazardous to other motorist’s safety.


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