Cost of Leasing a BMW

When thinking about leasing a BMW, one of the first things that people ask is “How much does it cost to lease a BMW?” 

BMWs are known for being luxury cars with the most innovative designs and advanced technology. Since BMWs are known for being luxury cars, they are not necessarily considered affordable by the general population. The cost of a BMW often prevents people from driving these luxury cars. Fortunately, leasing a BMW is a great way to get a chance to drive a BMW for a period of time. 

The cost of leasing a BMW depends on the type of BMW you are wanting to lease. There are many different models of BMW sedans, convertibles, coupes, sports wagons, and so much more. 

Swapalease has many available leases for different models of BMWs, including: 

  • 2 Series: The 2 Series are sporty and subcompact BMW cars. The 2 Series comes in coupes and convertibles. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$35,300
  • 3 Series: The 3 Series are compact sports sedans. They are the best selling vehicle for the BMW. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$40,750 
  • 4 Series: There are 3 different types of 4 Series BMWs. These include a two door coupe, four door gran coupe, and convertible. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$44,750
  • 5 Series: This BMW series is a midsize sedan. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$53,900
  • 6 Series: This BMW series comes in gran turismo, gran coupe, or Alpina B6 gran coupe. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$70,300
  • 7 Series: This BMW series is a full size luxury sedan. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$86,450
  • 8 Series: The 8 Series is a luxury grand tourer. It is available in coupe or convertible. 
    • Base MSRP is ~84,900
  • i3: This BMW vehicle is a subcompact all electric hatchback. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$44,450
  • i8: The BMW i8 is a plug in hybrid. It comes in either coupe or roadster. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$147,500
  • M2: The BMW M2 is a competition coupe. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$58,900
  • M3: The BMW M3 is a high performing sedan. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$66,500
  • M4: The BMW M4 is a high performing luxury vehicle that comes in either coupe or convertible. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$69,150
  • M5: The BMW M5 is a sedan by the BMW motorsport division. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$102,700
  • M6: The BMW M6 is another vehicle by the BMW motorsport division that comes in gran coupe automatic or gran coupe manual. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$119,900
  • X1 Series: The BMW X1 is a subcompact crossover. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$35,200
  • X2 Series: The BMW X2 is similar to the X1 but it would be considered more sporty. It is a crossover coupe. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$36,400
  • X3 Series: The BMW X3 is a compact SUV. There is also an X3 M Series. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$41,950
  • X4 Series: The BMW X4 is similar to the X3 compact crossover, but it would be considered the more sport version of the X3. There is also an X4 M edition. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$51,100
  • X5 Series: The BMW X5 is a midsize SUV. There is also an X5 M Series. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$58,900
  • X6 Series: The BMW X6 is a midsize crossover coupe. There is also an X6 M Series as well. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$64,300
  • X7 Series: The BMW X7 is a full size SUV crossover with 3 separate rows. 
    • Base MSRP is ~$73,900
  • Z4
    • Base MSRP is ~$49,700

The MSRP prices are based on the 2019/2020 editions of these vehicles. 

The monthly payment cost of leasing a BMW with Swapalease is a wide range from around $200 per month to $2001+ per month. The monthly payment amount fluctuates depending on which car leases are available. There are also many different cash incentives and car lease deals that are available and make leases even cheaper and more affordable. Swapalease also offers car leases that are generally lower than the car leases offered at your local BMW dealership. 

The cost of leasing a BMW depends on many different factors, including the model of the car, the miles per month, the months remaining on the lease term, the year of the car, and so much more.

You can find which BMW you want to lease by the category. 

Some of these categories at listed below: 

  • Model
  • Monthly Payment
  • Distance
  • Year
  • Body Style
  • Months Remaining
  • Miles Per Month
  • Exterior Color
  • Transmission
  • State

Visit our BMW Lease Specials and Offers page to see the exact costs of BMWs near you. (link the BMW lease specials and offers page) 

Normally lease terms are around 36 months. However, since Swapalease is a car lease transfer company, the lease terms have a wider range because the availability of car leases depends on who is submitting in their current car leases. 

When deciding to lease a BMW, there are a few things to consider. People should make sure that leasing the BMW car truly would be more reasonable than buying the car. 

Some benefits of leasing a car include lower monthly payments, the ability to drive a new car every few years,  and no obligation to pay for any major car repairs. Monthly lease payments during the lease term tend to be cheaper compared to monthly auto loan amounts and interest rates during the loan term. The money factor, which is the finance charge, with the lease term will vary. 


If you are somebody who enjoys driving different types of cars every few years, leasing cars gives you the chance to do so. Since you are only driving the car for a short period of time, some car manufacturers do not require you to pay for the regular maintenance appointments. You might still be required to pay a security deposit, taxes, and other fees related to leasing. However, if you want to drive the car for more than only a few years or if you think that you might drive more than 12,000 miles every year or cause excess wear and tear on the car, then purchasing the car might be a better option. The fees of excess wear and use and excess mileage can be very expensive to pay for a car that you are only leasing and not keeping. 

Leasing a car is normally suggested for people who want to drive the car for less than six years. There has been data shown that once you start driving the car for more than six years, it would have been more cost-effective to purchase the car. After six years, the amount of money that you would spend on monthly payments for that car through leasing would have been the same, if not more, than the price of the car itself if you had decided to purchase it and take out a loan for it. Furthermore, if you decide to purchase the vehicle, you now own the vehicle. You are spending money to own something, rather than spending money on renting a car for a prolonged amount of time. The final decision of leasing or buying is personal and dependent on one’s own life situation.

If you’re considering leasing a BMW, Swapalease can help you find the best car lease deals so you can drive the car that you want. Swapalease also offers BMW financial services. Contact us with any and all of your car lease questions and concerns. Call us at 513-381-0100!